Travel and emotions

The class will deal with the experience of the traveler and the formation of subjective gaze towards the new territories. In addition, it will reflect on the nature of Bulgarian travelogues from the 19th c. and on the way Bulgarians are regarded from the Western travelers to these Ottoman lands.

  • Пътуване придвижване, емоции (Travel, transport and emotions) Love for the nation and anxiety of traveling to the unknown);
  • Пътеписите за Балканите и отношението към Цариград (Travelogues and Constantinople as a focal point);
  • Жените и пътеписите в зората на туризма сред българите Tourism (women and travel on the outset of Bulgarian tourism – the first printed travelogue by Evgenia Mars in 1907).

Mandatory readings excerpts from:

  • Гюрова, Светла. Антология възрожденски пътеписи. София: Български писател, 1969.

Recommended readings:

  • Clarke, Jennifer. “The culture of tourism”. Urry and Rojek. Touring cultures. Transformation Routledge, 2003;
  • Knudsen, B., Waade, Ann-Marie. Re-investing authenticity – Tourism, Place and Emotions. Toronto and Buffalo: Channel view publications, 2010.