Friendship between benefit, devotion and ideological brotherhood

The class will be a continuation of the topic of love as philia with a special focus on “friendship”. Is it a type of mutual love beneficial for the parties, or it is a negotiation for establishing comfort in a coalition against the enemies. What is the status of friendship in the Middle East compared to the Montaignian ideas of friendship, expressed in his major essayist work?

  • Приятелството според ръководствата за добро поведение (friendship in conduct books- Raino Popovich, Hristoitia, 1837);
  • Приятелството в писмата между журналисти (Friendship in letters from the archives of Georgi Rakovski and Ivan Bogorov);
  • Традиционни разбирания за приятелството в Близкия изток (Friendship in the Near East);
  • Идеологическото братство (Ideological brotherhood as a topic in 19th c. Bulgarian poetry).

Mandatory reading excerpts from:

  • Аристотел. Никомахова етика. Наука и изкуство, 1998. [Aristotle. The Nikomachean Ethics. London : Penguin books, 2004.]
  • Goitein, Shelomo D. “Friendship in the Medieval near East.” Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 115, 1971: 484-489.

Recommended readings:

  • Jaques Derrida. The Politics of Friendship. Verso, 2005.