What is emotion? History and usage of the terms

This is an introductory class for definition of terms and scope of analysis. We will dissucss methodology and visualization of the classifications of emotions driven classical texts and contemporary interpretations and visual models in this discipline. The presentation will include the few studies on Bulgarian history of emotions in literature as a start for our work with primary sources from the period. In the practical part of the class the students will analyze texts from the period of 18th and 19th c. trying to distinguish leading representations of emotions and their description.

Mandatory readings:

Texts from the 19th c. Bulgarian literature: examples from works by Georgi Rakovski, Vasil Aprilov, Ivan Vazov, Maria Burmova, Irina Exarch, Hristo Botev, Sofronij Vratchanski (on moodle platform)

Recommended readings:

  • Ekman, Paul. Atlas of Emotions. 2018. (accessed October 6, 2019).
  • Аретов, Николай, “Емоции, идентичност, литература и национална митология: многопосочност на връзките”. Първа радост е за мене. Емоционалното съдържание на българската идентичност. София, Кралица Маб, 2012. [Emotion, identity, literature and national mythology. In: Parva radost e za mene. Emotionalnoto sastoynie na balgarskata identichnost. Sofia Kralitza Mab, 2012.]