Fear from the other, fear for ourselves

The class will describe the theoretical background of the emotion of fear using western anthropological and philosophical sources. Then the students will receive texts that instruct the 19th c. reader of the possible attack by various figures of fearful others. We will analyze the reaction to the ethnic and religious other in Bulgarian culture and the expressions of fearlessness in the moment of sacrifice for a communal cause.


  • Royer, Alphonse. The janissaries. A novel, translated by Ivan Bogorov. Tzarigrad, 1847;
  • Voinikov, Dobri. Krivorazbranata tzivilizatsia. Drama, 1872.

Mandatory readings:

  • Жан Делюмо. Страхът в западния свят- XIV-XVIII век. София: Рива, 2002.

Recommended readings:

  • Александрова, Надежда. Еничарите. Преплетени истории в османския контекст на XIX век. София: Изток-Запад, 2018. [Alexandrova, Nadzhda. Les janissaires. Entangled histories in the Ottoman context of the 19th c.];
  • Robin, Corey. Fear – a history of a political idea. Oxford UP, 2004.