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Nostalgia of Socialist Everyday Life (1): Work Practices and Labor Organization under Socialism

The class undertakes an approach to the socialist everyday life and the way it can stir nostalgia among groups of the population, as well as be a resource of heritage-related practices in the post-socialist period. This first part of the topic is focused on work practices and labor organization during communism, with attention to topics such as the work shifts and work norms in communist enterprises, the functioning of the work collectives, the role of the working class and the implication that this role had before 1989 and during the post-communist transition.

Texts for discussion:

  • Scarboro, Ch., Today’s Unseen Enthusiasm: Communist Nostalgia for Communism in the Socialist Brigadier Movement. In: Todorova, M. and Zs. Gille, eds., Post-Communist Nostalgia, Berghahn Books, 2010, 46-60.
  • Kideckel, D. A., The Unmaking of an East-Central European Working Class. In: Hann, Ch. M. ed., Postsocialism: Ideals, Ideologies and Practices in Eurasia. London and New York, 2002, 114-158.

Additional readings:

  • Добрева, Д., Трудова дейност в колектива. Официална норма и действително поведение в едно планинско село през 1950-те години. – Български фолклор, кн. 3-4, 1997, 71-103 [Dobreva, D., Work Activity within the Collective. Official Norm and Real Behavior in a Mountain Village during the 1950s. – Bulgarian Folklore Journal, 3-4, 1997, 71-103].
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