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Living Spaces under Socialism – between Nostalgia and Rejection. The Transformations of Private and Public Spaces after 1989

The class is dedicated to the material traces of the communist period in the private and public spaces in Eastern Europe and on the difficulties of transforming and managing with these traces in post-socialist terms. Among the topics that will be object of presentation and discussions are: the public squares and ideological centers of power, the public buildings and homes created during communist times, the material artifacts that continue to populate both the public and the private spaces three decades after the political changes.

Texts for discussion:

  • Duijzings, G., Transforming a Totalitarian Edifice: Artistic and Ethnographic Engagements with the House of the People in Bucharest. In: Raudvere, C., еd., Nostalgia, Loss and Creativity in South-East Europe. Political and Cultural Representations of the Past. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 11-36.
  • Silke, A. S., Nostalgia and Post-Nostalgia in Heritage Sites. In: Silke, A. S., Mediating Memory in the Museum. Trauma, Empathy, Nostalgia. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, 54-70.

Additional readings:

  • Волф, Г., Застроеното социалистическо пространство. Пространствено и функционално преустройство на едно българско село от 50-те години до днес. – Български фолклор, кн. 3-4, 1997, 39-70. [Wolf, G., The Constructed Socialist Space. Spatial and Functional Transformations in a Bulgarian Village since 1950s. – Bulgarian Folklore Journal, 3-4, 1997, 39-70.
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