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Social Worlds and Transmission of Cultural Experience: Nostalgia and the Issue of Generations

The class is dedicated to the dynamics of social experiences after the end of the communist period and on how nostalgia is embedded and also dependent on the changes of different generations. A major point of discussion is the extent to which nostalgia is limited to the generations that have lived under communism and to the way in which heritage-related practices about the communist period involve the post-communist generations.

Texts for discussion:

  • Berdahl, D., Goodbye, Lenin! Aufwiedersehen GDR: On the Social Life of Socialism. In: Todorova, M. and Zs. Gille, eds., Post-Communist Nostalgia. Berghahn Books, 2010, 177-189.
  • Creed, G. W., Economic crisis and ritual decline in Eastern Europe. In: Hann, Ch. M. ed., Postsocialism: Ideals, Ideologies and Practices in Eurasia. London and New York, 2002, 57-73.

Additional readings:

  • Yurchak, A. Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More. The Last Soviet Genera-tion. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2006.
  • Колева, Д., съст., Възраст и поколение при социализма. София, 2019. [Koleva, D., Age and Generation under Socialism. Sofia, 2019].