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Studying Socialism from the Perspective of Nostalgia and Heritage. Final Presentations and Conclusions

As a final one in the course, the class revisits the main topics covered during the semester and discusses the future of nostalgia about the communist past from the perspectives of heritage making, valorization as heritage and museum displays about political, social and cultural practices of the past. Alongside the raising again of the methodological and theoretical link between heritage and nostalgia in the interpretation of the communist past, the class discusses also the possibilities of teaching the communist period from such interpretative lens as a major precondition in its representation within what may be a “collective memory of Europe.”

Texts for discussion:

  • Boym, S., The Future of Nostalgia, New York: Basic Books, 2001. (selected chapters)
  • Malksoo, M., The Memory Politics of Becoming European: The East European Subalterns and the Collective Memory of Europe,” European Journal of International Relations 15 (4), 2009, 653–680.